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"Cas are you ready?"
"Ready for what?"
Dean unzips his jeans dramaticlly and wiggles his brow,"the ole' razzle dazzle." Cas leaves the room.

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Anonymous asked:
i have followed you all this time and only now found out you are the cutest person in the universe you keep being cute you big cute cutie (◡‿◡✿)


this is the best day of my life

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Anonymous asked:
I don't know if you've been told today, but you're an amazing, beautiful person and I just adore you. Your tags make me laugh and smile so much and I hope you know that it changed my whole day. Thank you so much for being awesome <3

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Dumb Librarian!Cas + Mechanic!Dean comic

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Anonymous asked:
hi i was idly thinking earlier today and i wondered if you know anything about a certain destiel gifset, it was like a list culminating in 'don't tell him' or smthn and it's going to rlly annoy me until i find it, any ideas???? thank you!!

I do know exactly what you’re talking about, and I know I’ve reblogged it maybe like four times. I’m going to try and find it for you and I’ll reblog it with the tag, “don’t tell him” okay? 

if anyone has this readily at hand could you send me the permilink so I can reblog it for this anon, thank you! ~*~*~*   

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Anonymous asked:
Hey person (I wanted to say dude but not everyone likes that which is cool so I just said person cause I forgot to read the top sorry). Anxiety sucks. And it sucks you were triggered. But if you take a deep breath, and try and do the things that help destress you, you might feel better. If it doesn't work that's okay- you'll get there one day xxx Until then you're still an amazing person who is incredibly sweet, clever, compassionate and brave. Have a nice day okay? Xxx

i literately burst into tears at work reading this, thank you so much. i seriously have the best followers in the world thank you

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(◡‿◡✿) McCall pack: better than u (⊙‿⊙✿)

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That’s inappropriate.

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highly upsetting.


highly upsetting.

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Babies wearing grown up clothes is literately the best thing, like, “that baby has pockets, what do you keep in there?” or when they’re wearing a bowtie and a cap, “where you going little gentlemen, who are you taking out?”
by a professor at my university
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